This Chicago Great Grandmother’s Reaction To Meeting Denzel Washington Is All Of Us

One of Denzel Washington’s biggest fans was treated a special surprise over the weekend when the legendary actor showed up at her front door.

The Chicago Sun-Times reports the actor crossed paths with 86-year-old Juanita Hubbard on Saturday (Sept. 30) while he was visiting the South Side area of Chicago. When the award-winning actor and his driver were unable to find one of his favorite restaurants, he spotted Hubbard’s grandchildren on the porch and decided to ask for directions.

After getting over the shock and awe of meeting their favorite actor, Hubbard’s grandchildren called their grandmother who was inside. Her reaction was just warm as her gleeful smile. “I’m not gonna let you go,” she told the actor in a video recorded by her daughter.

“I never would have thought he would show up on my doorstep,” Hubbard told the outlet after the encounter. “I couldn’t believe it.” Hubbard and her family chatted with the actor about his childhood memories of the area and his favorite restaurant, Leon’s Barbeque.

“He was always one of those people I wanted to meet, but I didn’t think I could take it,” Hubbard added. “But it was just like talking to one of my own sons.”

Hubbard’s encounter was uploaded to Facebook by her daughter Janet. It’s been seen over 4 million times.

The actor also chopped it up with new Black Stone Rangers after reflecting on his youth. There was also a toddler in the group who also appeared to be in awe of the actor.

“You don’t know who I am but they’ll tell you one day,” he said to Theo. After one of the adults suggested they’ll show the toddler one of his films the actor replied, “Don’t watch Training Day now.”

Check out the video above and Hubbard reflecting on the moment below.