Chrisette Michele Speaks On Miscarriage After Reportedly Getting Dropped From Label


Chrisette Michele has teased fans for some time about her new album with the single “Strong Black Woman,” but the singer has hit a snag in it’s release.

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On Friday (Oct. 27), the singer shared on social media she was dropped from her label. After her journey with Motown Records, the singer landed a deal with Caroline/Capitol Records. As of Saturday (Oct. 28), the singer isn’t featured either website’s artist roster. The label currently houses artists like Migos, Katy Perry and Sam Smith.

“I complete an entire album and my label decides to walk away from me. Capitol records. I was quiet for a few days… I go into the studio and literally poured out my heart and soul and the label decides to walk away from me?” she said. She also pointed out her journey into making the album. Earlier this year, the singer faced backlash for performing at President Donald Trump’s Inaugural Ball. “I went from someone being revered and loved to facing putting out an album in the worst climate of my musical career.”

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Before opening up to fans, the singer shared images of Africa American women she admires like Whoopi Goldberg, Beyonce and Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors.

The singer also shared her battle with depression and suicidal thoughts. “I know God. He was kind enough to soften the blow. I promise you, I felt Him cover me like a blanket,” she said. “I told Him I was out of control. I told Him I was having thoughts about leaving and not finishing all He’s called me to. He listened.” She also opened up about her miscarriage.

“Something came out of me. It was my child. The one my love and I worked so hard on,” she said. “I never knew I could allow myself to be so broken that my physical body would break down. “Just because I had a negative experience didn’t mean I had to become negative and broken. When I lost my child I knew that it was time for me to become a #StrongBlackWoman.”

In the end, the singer says self love and her yoga journey helped her discover her center again. “With every asana and meditation I found my new focus. It was love,” she said. “It was understanding. It was Peace. I could be the catalyst for peace because I now have a deep understanding for what the exact opposite of peace looks like.”

The status of her album is currently unknown. Listen to “Strong Black Woman” below.

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