CNN Tackles Donald Trump’s Fake News Attacks In New Ad


While the idea of fake news isn’t new, with the election of Donald Trump the term has been used more and more to accuse journalists of their inability to report the facts. In July, after months of back and forth between CNN, Trump retweeted a clip from a 2007 Wrestlemania in which he tackled another wrestler who had the network’s logo superimposed over his head.

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While CNN has continued to report on the Trump administration, it hasn’t stopped the president from discrediting the news outlet (or anyone who challenges or disagrees with him) On Tuesday (Oct. 24) the media network channeled its inner pettiness and released an ad expressing its commitment to the facts, despite what anyone–including the leader of the free world–has to say about it.

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The simple, 30-second clip at the time of this post has earned nearly 7,000 comments. While conservatives are literally pissed off, a few other folks enjoyed the not-so subtle jab at 45 to be clever.

Welcome to 2017, people.