Tales From The Street: Conway And Jonathan Hay Get Personal On “Pawn Shop”


Some MCs rap. And others tell our/their stories. Rapper Conway’s new song, “Pawn Shop” does the latter. In fact, the honest-to-god record gave me a small case of anxiety. The potent lyrics on this tear-jerker unearthed some old wounds from my past life with family members and their drug addictions as well as my own poverty.

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With Jonathan Hay providing the song’s hook, Conway lays bare his former life.

“Daydreams of being on top/Had me on my grind nonstop (I was hustling man)/Had me stashing bundles in my mom’s spot/Knowing if she find it she gon smoke it, I was on watch (yo, where my stuff ma)/Dropped out of school, fuck alarm clocks/Every morning selling hard rocks, pawn Glocks,” raps the Griselda artist.

“Pawn Shop” will be included on an upcoming project called The Hoodlum Ball from Hay, RX66 and Mani Ajami.

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Also, Con released his More Steroids mixtape last week.

Stream “Pawn Shop” below.

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