Craig David Sings About The Perfect Selfie On “For The Gram”


Craig David has created an ode to social media with his latest single, “For The Gram.” Through a concoction of trap infused techno sounds, David chants about his Instagram activies and describes all the etiquette involved in producing the best pics for Instagram.

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The British R&B teamed up with Dutch producer Diztortion to create the track.

“When I stepped in the studio I knew that Diztortion would push me in to a place that musically I hadn’t ventured in to before,” David told The Fader ahead of the song’s release. “What I love about the outcome is that we were able to create a song that people won’t necessarily expect from me, yet has all my trademark melodies and fast raps all over it. ‘For The Gram’ needs to be played at full volume that’s all I know!”

“This track was really about creating something that would tear up the club.  Me and Craig saw the same vision and created a new wave of energy. Can’t wait to hear him performing it!,” Diztortion added.