Crazy Legs Launches ‘Rock Steady For Life’ Campaign To Supply Puerto Rico With Clean Food, Water


Richard Colón better known as ‘Crazy Legs’ from the legendary b-boy group Rock Steady Crew, recently traveled to Puerto Rico to aid the island with clean drinking water after the devastating effects of Hurricane Maria.

In a recent interview with NPR, the Bronx-native revealed he teamed up with Waves For Water, a non-profit organization that provides people with water filters across the world. Additionally, Colón and some of his peers started Rock Steady For Life, a campaign made to help Puerto Ricans after the disaster.

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The water filters involve a simple process, which includes a plastic bucket, a small plastic filter and a rubber hose. This initiative is pivotal now more than ever for the island, considering that most of its residents are drinking water from contaminated creeks.

Reportedly, the break dancer and his friends are going to give out approximately 300 water filters along with the tools necessary to residents of the North Western region of the island. They are also going to teach community leaders how to operate the filters.

“I’ve done this in 17 countries myself,” said Rob McQueen, a director for Waves For Water. “I always drink first. I never get sick.”

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Like most of us, Colón is disgusted with Donald Trump’s neglect toward the island. “Trump’s lack of care or empathy or sympathy is just one of those things where, why are you even planning to come to PR?,” he questioned. “Me, just a b-boy from Bronx, how the hell is it that I’m able to get here before the president of the United States?”

Luckily, Colón has also created a GoFundMe page to further help the cause.

“With the help of Red Bull, Waves For Water and artists of the Puerto Rican diaspora—Puerto Rico Rob, DJ Enuff, DJ Tony Touch, DJ DP One, DJ G-Bo The Pro, Port Morris Distillery—we are raising funds to support on-the-ground efforts of getting much-needed water filtration and purification systems to areas of the island that have been harder to get to,” the campaign reads. “Funds will also support the Boys & Girls Club of Isabela in their efforts of providing shelter, food and necessities to people in need.”