Denzel Washington Is Determined To Fight For His Cause In ‘Roman J. Israel, Esq.’ Trailer

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Denzel Washington is the star of the new forthcoming film, Roman J. Israel, Esq. In the movie’s latest trailer, Washington plays the fearless esteemed lawyer the movie is titled after.

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The new flick, directed by Oscar-nominated filmmaker Dan Gilroy, chronicles the struggles the Academy Award-winning actor’s character goes through within Los Angeles’ turbulent criminal justice system. In his struggle to effectively enforce the law, he discovers that his past and stepping stone as an activist may hinder his career trajectory.

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Gilroy admits he created this specific movie for Washington knowing he could out-do himself by playing this character. “Roman is defined by his belief in something greater than himself. He’s a man of faith. He has this common, universal humanity to him that he believes. Denzel, if you research Denzel, he’s literally a man of faith,“ he told Entertainment Weekly.

“I think one of the reasons why Denzel dissolves into the character is because they’re so close to each other in so many ways. Denzel embodies the idea of a man living his life on terms that are based on a cause — going toward something. That’s why I really wrote it for him,” he continued.

Judging by the trailer’s colorful and dark scenes, it seems like the movie’s protagonist is set to go on a journey of self-discovery while jumping over steep career obstacles.