V Books: Becoming Spiritually Lit With Devi Brown’s ‘Crystal Bliss’


On the yellow brick road to self-care and wellness stands a spiritual aspect many of us struggle to understand. Usually a defining moment puts us in the mindset with need to be to hop (or sprint) down the road to learn who we are, what we stand for most importantly, loving the spirit within. For Devi Brown, her turning point led her to a relationship with crystals.

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Brown, known for pushing artists like Kendrick Lamar the the forefront via radio and her stint on MTV, enjoyed work to the umpteenth degree. So much so that stress began to absorb her energy and place her in a detrimental state of health. With her mind and body battling each other, Brown found light through first person teachings with holistic healer Deepak Chopra. From there, Brown discovered mediation and its partner in crime, the wonderful wide world of crystals.

CREDIT: Taylor Nicole Hotter

“I noticed shifts happening all throughout my life.” she says about her first interaction with citrine, an orange creative-rooted crystal. “I experienced enhanced mental clarity, opportunities I desired began manifesting more easily and rapidly. I began to have a greater understanding sense of my purpose and better understanding of how to tap into it.”

But the beauty behind her clean cut guide Crystal Bliss, isn’t just Brown’s journey. It’s her ability to break down which crystals are right for you, the importance of wellness and why you should even be interested in crystals in the first place.

Acting as a modern take on any decade-old crystal encyclopedia, Crystal Bliss splits into three sections. The first is an FYI for those curious about crystals and their relationship to the world. The second is a crisp breakdown of which stone works for you and lastly, furthering your crystal journey with a lesson on chakras and helpful elixirs.

Below are some of the most enlightening lessons we learned from Crystal Bliss.


“Men Lie, Women Lie, Energy Doesn’t”

CREDIT: Taylor Nicole Hotter

Brown says energy is a universal truth. When words go understood, energy can flow through body language. The same can be said for crystals. When paired with the seven chakras (Ch.14), crystals can manifest different callings. They also do wonders with mediation practices, allowing you to spend more time focusing on a crystal’s vibration.

You Aren’t Limited With Your Crystals

When used in clever ways, crystals can really set the tone for an enjoyable journey. Whether it’s growing close to your intuition (Ch. 1) creativity (Ch. 13) or emotional healing (Ch. 11), placing stones throughout life spaces can take you to another level.

You can use green aventurine in your car to overcome traffic, blue lace agate under a pillow to combat an overstimulated mindset or lapis lazuli at work for communication between coworkers. Take your time to figure the areas you’d like to tackle so you aren’t drowning and raw and tumbled stones.

Each Crystal Holds Their Own Power


Keeping takeaway No. 2 in mind, it’s really important to spend quality time with a desired crystal. Treating them like Pokémon or a music download is very tempting, especially since all stones carry alluring colors and designs.

We learn from Brown that taking a breather is important and once again, take your time! Wellness is a lot easier than we think. Over complicating it by vying for crystal guru status will only give you anxiety and burn your wallet.

Mantras Are Your Friend

Like crystals, steps in mediation come with many possibilities. One of them happens to be the power of mantras. Some like to take silent route while others enjoy positive affirmations. Brown pairs mantas that bring love and mental calmness to each crystal and the meditation practice. You can find them throughout Crystal Bliss and may feel encouraged to create a few of you own.

Being Spiritually Lit Doesn’t Make You A Know It All

I wouldn’t say I’m a crystal pro, but I do a love a good black agate. I wear my smoky green fluorite on a necklace close to my heart and keep a few stones at work. While reading Crystal Bliss, I learned new ways to tap into my passions and encourage more self-love in day to day activities.

Learning about yourself or any topic is a never ending activity. As humans, we’re constantly growing and evolving. Crystal Bliss allowed me to discover new things about my own spiritual path. It’s a fun book to read over and over since each tip, mantra and crystal will tap your spirit at different times. I encourage you to keep as a book of reference on your own yellow brick road to wellness.

You can purchase Crystal Bliss here and check out information on Brown’s launch parties in Los Angeles and New York below.

CREDIT: Zoila Darton

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