The Internet Seems To Think DJ Envy Enjoys A Certain Sexual Activity


When you’re name is the top trending item on Twitter, it safe to assume either one of two things occurred:

1) You’re dead.

2) Your alleged sexual desires that are largely considered to be homosexual were exposed via screen grabs by a woman other than your wife on Snapchat.

If your Breakfast Club host DJ Envy, well then you unfortunately fit into the second category. Thursday morning (Oct. 26) a photo of a man who looks like Envy, (or as Charlamagne cleverly and crassly put it “DJ Entry”) appeared online along with screenshot of messages between him and another woman. While Envy isn’t new to a cheating scandal, what is new is his alleged love for anal penetration.

Of all the 61,000 tweets (and counting) there was a few people who appeared to demonstrate maturity in the situation.

Unfortunately, the masses used this opportunity to make Envy the butt (no pun intended) of any and all jokes.

While the Internet was ready to fly a rainbow flag over The Breakfast Club station, it seemed like Envy, Angela Yee and Charlamagne were all taking the news in stride.

When Envy tried to drag Charlamagne into the debacle, The Black Privilege author quickly admitted he’s way more “zesty” than what the Internet has accused him of.