Don Lemon Reportedly Contacted Authorities Over Racist Threats From White Nationalist

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CNN’s Don Lemon reportedly received several racist threats from an unknown self-proclaimed white nationalist. The threats were so frightening it caused the broadcaster to take protective measures and contact authorities.

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According to TMZ, the 51-year-old journalist contacted the NYPD Wednesday (Oct. 25) after allegedly receiving messages which included several racial slurs such as “f*** you n***** can’t wait to stab your neck” and “U r a pile of rotting dog sh*t, racist, communist, socialist, liberal moron a**hole. I will find u U will pay.ill see u real soon…”

The disturbing message can from a user whose profile doubled-down on the hateful messaging. The bio read “white nationalist conservative. Pro gun anti islam anti terrorist anti leftist yes i HATE Democrats, BLM, Antifa, Socialists. Heavily armed racist. WLM.”

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Lemon, who at one point was a thorn in the side of the black community, has been vocal about his contempt about Trump and his administration. Authorities say the report was made for aggravated harassment but could it be considered a hate crime.