Doris Payne, Scandalous Jewel Thief, Reportedly Will Say Goodbye To Theft


Decades of committing petty crimes will come to an end for the infamous Doris Payne. According to The Root, the 87-year-old woman said she’s ready to clean her sticky fingers.

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After recently being charged for shoplifting $86 worth of groceries and other miscellaneous items from Walmart, Payne appeared in front of Chamblee Municipal Court Judge Angela Duncan, who told her to not “come back” in front of a judge, to which she agreed, hinting at the notion that she’s done with theft indefinitely.

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According to The Independent, Payne’s career crime spree has tallied more than $2 million in stolen goods. Her life in the law’s grasp was also featured in a Netflix documentary, which aimed a lens on her tough upbringing in West Virginia to her thousand-dollar-theft pursuits overseas.