Dreezy, 6Lack And Kodak Black Want To “Spar” With Donald Trump


The stunning and intelligent Dreezy gets political on her new record — and we’re here for it. The MC born Seandrea Sledge recruits Kodak Black and 6LACK to muse on social issues such as police brutality, hurricanes, war, and of course Donald Trump, on the slow burning track titled, “Spar.”

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Atlanta native 6LACK gets the ball rolling with his thoughts on the current state of affairs–personal and socially.

“My life is hard enough/They not rewarding us / They disregarding us / If I go to D.C., I’m trying to spar with Trump / I’m not a politician, just can’t ignore the stuff,” raps 6lack.

Dreezy follows through with an equally potent verse on culture vultures, family members in prisons and white supremacy.

“Can’t say we representing when half the office White Supremacist/This can’t be, “Land of the free”/If kneeling might cost your position/I’m supposed to respect the system/They call our brothers, “Sons of bitches”/And when my Unc came home from prison/For the same shit y’all tried to turn into a business/Take our culture, our blueprint/Pay the knockoff to come model us/Hurricanes come and swallow us,” raps Dreezy.

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And the always eventful Kodak Black lets loose a fusillade of effective rhymes about the crooked ways of the U.S. government.It’s unclear where “Spar” will end up, but there’s a good chance that the song will appear on Dreezy’s forthcoming, not-yet titled, album.