Eight Dead, A Dozen injured After Driver Charges Down Manhattan Bike Path


Nine pedestrians have died and over a dozen were injured after a motorist drove down a bike bath in lower Manhattan in what the NYPD are calling a deliberate and possible terror attack.

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CBS News reports the incident happened Tuesday (Oct. 31) at 3:05 PM EST when a man driving a Home Depot rental truck ran over two bikers riding down West Street and Chambers Street. The driver drove four blocks on the path before getting back onto the street. After hitting a car, it rammed into a school bus.

Witness recordings show a man running away from the truck. Police confirmed the suspect was wailing two fake guns. He was shot in the leg and apprehended by police. It isn’t known if any students or staff were on the school bus.

Many witnesses from Stuyvesant High School and Borough of Manhattan Community College (BMCC) believed the incident was a possible film shooting or a Halloween prank. A police officer confirmed there were “multiple causalities.” Investigators are also treating the shooting as a terror attack.

A police briefing will be soon be underway with more details behind the incident.

This is a developing story. 

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