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Bruh: 8 Hip-Hop Photoshop Fails Starring Your Favorite Rappers

Mr. Shad Moss isn't the only one guilty of a little photoshop fun. 

Bow Wow's latest social media blunder left the rapper-actor at the forefront of Twitter's scathing comical path this week when he shared a fan-flipped image of VIBE's Death Row cover.

Mr. Moss gently reminded fans of his come-up Monday (Oct. 17) with the image. As most hip-hop and Lil Bow Wow fans know, Snoop Dogg took him under his wing before he teamed up with Jermaine Dupri to become a teen sensation. “I was on Death Row at 6. This was the label roster. A fan sent me the pic. It brought back memories,” he said. "Fan sent me the pic its not the original from VIBE I'm like damnit, just took me back I was apart of some legendary sh*t. Blessed.”

Fan-made or not, plenty of rap acts have been guilty of either posting or creating  far-fetched Photoshopped portraits. Here are just a few that made us laugh out loud or roll our eyes.


1. Chris Brown & Tupac

Brown's legacy is bound to down in the history books, but that doesn't mean he's on the same level as Tupac Shakur. In 2015, the entertainer shared on Instagram the final image of the Pac with Suge Knight the night he was shot in Las Vegas...with himself in the backseat. After catching heat for the photo, it was quickly deleted. Also, that MJ pic is something else.

2. The Game & Tupac

Pac fandom continues with The Game. Just two years earlier, the rapper also shared a photo of himself with the legend. This time, the image appeared to show Mr. Taylor as a youth with Pac. With a honorable ode to the rapper for his caption, fans thought nothing of the photo until it was revealed to be fake. Game admitted to VladTV the photo was sent to him by a fan and was his way of honoring the slain artist.

3. Ludacris & Abs 

So this isn't a fail on Ludacris, but a notch for those who slandered the rapper for his CGI abs. Earlier this year, the rapper made his return to music with the single, “Vitamin D.” The video was true to Luda's signature form, with exaggerations and jokes all over, including himself with super-duper tight abs. But it's nothing new really. I mean, have you never seen music videos to "Rollout," "Stand Up" or "Get Back?" It's kind of his thing to be well, animated.

4. Kim Kardashian, North and Kanye West For Vogue

The Kardashian-Wests' Vogue debut was all the talk in 2014. It was not only the couple's first time in the mag, but it was a moment fans got to speculate about Kanye's immortality. Iconic photographer Annie Leibovitz led the shoot, including the photo above that omits the rapper's shadow, giving people a reason to think 'Ye is a vampire. It also allowed fans to add their own pics into the iPad he was holding. We guess everyone won in this fail.

5. 50 Cent & Money

So the money was in the shot, but it turns out it wasn't real. During 50 Cent's bankruptcy trial last year, the rapper explained how much of the cash he flaunted on social media was fake. “Just because I am photographed in or next to a certain vehicle, wearing an article of clothing, holding a product, sitting next to what appears to be large sums of money or modeling expensive pieces of jewelry does not meant that I own everything in those photos,” he wrote, calling the cash "prop money." He added that he was playing up the persona of his rap and troll status. Makes sense to us.

6. Stitches & Allegedly The Game's DMs

The mini-wave of rapper Stitches was more focused on his beefs than raps. In 2015, the rapper found himself in a tiff with The Game after he created a fake digital encounter on Instagram. The act came shortly after his feud with Tyga and false claims of dating the rapper's then-girlfriend Kylie Jenner. The Game would go on to expose Stitches for his actions, reminding us all that photoshop comes in all forms.

7. Meek Mill & Drake/Fab Morvan of Mini Vanilli 

This might've flown under the radar during the Drake vs. Meek Mill war of 2015. Meek Mill's cover art for his diss track towards the rapper was just as painful as the song itself. Keeping up the fraud theme, the rapper imposed Drizzy's face on the body of Milli Vanilli member Fab Morvan. For those who care, the group was exposed for stealing their 90's hit single, "Girl You Know It's True" and would later have their "Best New Artist" Grammy rescinded.  Maybe it was the lipstick or the ghostly OVO logo that took the image over the edge.

8. Boosie Badazz & His Son 

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Me and My Lil G

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There's video footage proving the image is real, but it's still a painful photoshopped image. Shortly after his return from prison, Boosie was accused of photoshopping his son into an image during a family holiday hangout. The rapper told TMZ the image was taken by a professional photographer, who really enjoys playing with the programs' settings.


In spite of so many L's there's also some fan pics worth sharing.

Selena Quintanilla & Drake

This would be a pretty cool pairing.

Selena & Tupac

Many believed this photo was real, but it turned out to be an image of Rosie Perez with the rapper.

Beyonce, Nicki Minaj & Rihanna

The "Holy Trinity" fad rode high as fans wished for the three to put out music together. Three years later, we're still dreaming.

Patrick Thorendahl (Peeje T) and Rihanna

Peeje T's images are what photoshop fanatics dream of. From images of Amber Rose, Serena Williams and Nicki Minaj, the graphic designer became a hero on social media for his creative portraits.

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