While Donald Trump Tossed Paper Towels, Fat Joe Collected Five Planes Worth Of Supplies For Puerto Rico


While it took Donald Trump almost a week to go to Puerto Rico and throw supplies at the victims of Hurricane Maria, Fat Joe sat with CNN Wednesday morning (Oct. 4) to discuss what he along with Jay Z and Tidal are doing to help those devastated by the category 5 storm.

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“We feel stranded. We’re U.S. citizens and Puerto Rico has paid their part. I have two little cousins that’s in the Army right now willing to give their life for this country, and the fact that it took so long to get any help out there, that’s what I mean. So we had to mobilize and power ourselves to collect canned food, and water and women’s hygiene toothpaste to give back to our own community and that we did.”

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The “All The Way Up” rapper said the goal was to fill up one chartered plane with 200,000 pounds of supplies, and instead they exceeded their goal and will now be filling up five planes, splitting the supplies between Puerto Rico and Mexico.

“We’re at two million pounds that city of New York has collected,” Joe said. “Gov. Cuomo has been a blessing, an angle.” It didn’t take long for Joe’s name to begin trending on Twitter with many praising him for his humanitarian effort and while simultaneously showing disappointment with Trump’s lack of.