Watch This Dad Give His Newborn Son A Pep Talk Before Receiving His Shots


Being a parent is equal parts full of joy and tremendous work. Being a parent of a newborn is all that without getting much sleep, and that means you have to celebrate each moment even the moments that don’t seem enjoyable.

A dad was recorded giving his newborn son a well needed pep-talk before receiving his shots. While the name of the father and son duo are unknown, the love between them is literally bursting from off the computer screen.

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“C’mon now, we’ve gotta do good,” the dad said as he coached baby boy. “Look at me, now. I know you’re going to cry but it’s okay to cry.”

The nurse then gives dad the cue to place his son on the bed, all the while the little one is still unaware of what’s about to take place.

“Look at daddy! Look at daddy,” he says as he holds his son’s hand during the first two shots. The baby boy eventually feels the pinch of the needle and lets out a big scream, but dad is right there offering laughs and kisses to ease his son’s pain.

After the final shot, dad picked up his son off the bed and gave some more kisses. “I know, I know, they did you wrong,” he said. “Explain to dad.”

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Watch the tender moment above.