Fyre Fest Founder Pleads Not Guilty To Fraud Charges


Billy McFarland, the 25-year-old organizer of spring’s disastrous Fyre Festival, is pleading not guilty to fraud charges associated with the highly-publicized music festival and its demise, which unfolded via social media.

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According to the Los Angeles Times, McFarland appeared in a Manhattan federal court on Monday (Oct. 2), where he “waived his right to be charged via an indictment brought by a grand jury.” Now, he’ll be facing wire fraud charges, as well as charges of false bank statements.

McFarland was arrested in June for allegedly providing false documents and defrauding investors who were associated with the festival. If convicted, he faces up to 20 years behind bars.

The event, scheduled for over two weekends in April and May, was slated to be a lavish cultural experience geared towards millennials and well-off young adults. It was to be held in the Bahamas, and acts like Blink-182, Rae Sremmurd and Migos were on the bill to perform.

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However, the experience was anything but luxurious, according to those who dropped thousands to attend the event.