Gabrielle Union Talks The Fear That Come With Raising Black Boys


Gabrielle Union has never been afraid to speak out against the injustices minorities face in America, and she didn’t hold her tongue while visiting the ladies of The View to promote her memoir We’re Going To Need More Wine. During the sit down Tuesday (Oct. 17) Union spoke candidly about the fears she and her NBA husband Dwayne Wade experience while raising their children.

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The Being Mary Jane star said the family lives in Florida, which is an open-carry state as well as a Stand Your Ground state. One day while checking Snapchat, she saw her stepsons participating in the drive-by dunk challenge. The premise is if teens driving around the neighborhood saw a hoop anywhere they would get out and dunk. While harmless in intention, for Union seeing her children participate in it sent a shiver down her spine.

“The second they got home I was like ‘They can kill you and get away with it because now you’re trespassing,” the 44-year-old recounted.

Union, whose memoir was released Wednesday (Oct. 19) also noted that their children want to enjoy the perks that come with having famous parents and also behave the way their friend’s behave.

“They’re privileged. They want to reap all the benefits of me and my husband’s hard work and they want to be able to act the way their friends act; you know, talking back to authority. You know a cop pulls you over. ‘What did I do?” No..You’ll die. It’s different.”

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Watch the full clip below to hear more of the “Black Truth Bombs” Union and Wade drop on their children.