11-Year-Old Who Suffered Facial Burns From A Prank Will Become An Honorary Firefighter


After experiencing health-threatening facial burns, 11-year-old Jamoneisha Merritt will become an honorary firefighter on Thursday (Oct. 26), the New York Daily News reports.

In August, Merritt’s friend poured a pot of boiling water on her face as a joke, which burned over 85 percent of her visage, the site notes. She was immediately rushed to Harlem Hospital to begin her road to recovery.

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For Merritt’s “bravery and good spirits,” firefighter Regina Wilson said the organization didn’t hesitate to honor the young girl. “Jamoneisha displayed such courage, we wanted to celebrate her,” Wilson said. “She also said she wants to be a firefighter when she grows up and we would love to have her in the FDNY.”

Merritt will experience a day in the life with the Engine 37/Ladder 40 company.