J.Cole Has Some Questions About Germany’s “Nogger” Ice Cream Bar


J.Cole might be laughing, but ain’t sh*t funny.

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The 4 Your Eyez Only artist has been on tour promoting his latest number one album, and while he isn’t vocal on social media usually opting to remain below the radar, Mr. Cole was in rare form recently. While near the Germany/Switzerland border, Cole appeared to be in a convenient store and while holding a frozen ice cream bar noticed something a bit unsettling.


“C’mon, we need some f**king answers bro,” Cole said.

The question that Cole was implying was about the Nogger ice cream bar, which sounds a lot like the N-Word. The ice cream bar is sold mostly in Europe and made up of vanilla ice cream with nougat filling with a chocolate shell.

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However the company, which was founded in 1942, came under fire in 2005 after it launched Nogger Black from the Centre of Racism and Related Intolerance. The newest Nogger Black flavor removed the toffee center and substituted the chocolate shell for salty black licorice.

Either way, Cole wants answers and you know what? We don’t blame him.