Ya Don’t Say: Ja Rule Says Fyre Fest Partner Bamboozled Him

It looks like the young, impressionable and wealthy young adults interested in the botched Fyre Festival in April were not the only ones shanghaied by Billy McFarland, the music fest’s organizer.

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Ja Rule is reportedly planning on filing several lawsuits against his 25-year-old former business partner, according to PageSix.

Ja’s lawyer, Thomas Herndon, says not only did the Queens MC “get wrapped up” in the sh*t show slated to be a luxurious millennial paradise, McFarland also reportedly “hijacked” Ja’s ideas for the event.

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McFarland recently pleaded not guilty to charges of fraud surrounding him and the failed festival. In June, he was arrested for providing false documents and defrauding investors associated with the event. If convicted, he faces a 20-plus-year stint behind bars.