Jacob Banks’ “Unknown (To You)” Video Explores The Fragile Thread Of A Father-Son Relationship

Budding U.K. singer and songwrtier, Jacob Banks, is trying a new hat on for size. For the visuals accompanying his sobering song “Unknown (To You),” Banks entered the writer’s room and then took a seat in the director’s chair (alongside co-director FRMWRKLDN).

The mini-film, if you will, follows the strained relationship between a father and his young adult son. As they move throughout their day, both are unable to express the things they really want to say to each other in ways that make sense. The disconnect between them is tangible, and due to the father’s hardness, the son feels a certain sense of abandonment.

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“It can be difficult for men to express their emotions and convey affection, but no one ever talks about it,” Jacob said. “It’s a masculinity thing but also a cultural thing, and I think many—especially those who grew up in immigrant households—will relate to the dynamic between the father and son in the video. My dad is an immigrant, and even though he is present in my everyday life and I know he cares about me, it’s hard for him to show his love as a parent.”

“Unknown (To You)” is the first single from his forthcoming The Village album. Watch the somber video above.