Joyner Lucas Plays The Bad Cop In “Winter Blues” (Video)


If there’s anything to be taken away from Joyner Lucas, it’s that he offers hip-hop’s more elaborate, dynamic, and well-conceptualized visuals right now. Fresh from his debut album, 508-507-2209 (The 508 Project), the rapper continues his run of quality videos as we see him “play” real-life cops and robbers in the gritty “Winter Blues” video.

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“Winter Blues” captures Lucas taking the “law” into his own hands in New York City with a stolen cop car and police gear — Grand Theft Auto style. We watch him do everything from taking out rival crooks in the middle of the street to stealing chips from a bodega. It’s all good until the real boys in blue show up.

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Joyner Lucas’s debut, 508-507-2209, is now available on all digital markets and streaming services.