“Hip Hop Icons” Ice-T & Kool G Rap Join DJ Kay Slay On New Song


Not everyone gets to see OGs like Ice-T and Kool G Rap put in work at the studio. Some young hip hop fans have only read about KGR’s sessions online, and most can’t picture Ice-T outside of his role in NBC’s Law & Order: SVU. DJ Kay Slay is out to change all of that with his new video for “Hip Hop Icons” — fresh off his new album The Big Brother.

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In the video directed by Benji Filmz, Kay Slay introduces the rap vets before we get a refreshing look at how they interact in the studio. Ice-T lays down his hardcore bars while the Drama King posts up behind the boards. Then, Kool G Rap keeps it real by showing the world what he can do on the mic.

Watch DJ Kay Slay, Ice-T and Kool G Rap in their video for “Hip-Hop Icons” below.