Kendrick Lamar Praises Colin Kaepernick For “Standing For Something”

Kendrick Lamar was a speaker at the Forbes’ Under 30 Summit in Boston Tuesday (Oct. 3), where he mentioned that he supports NFL free-agent Colin Kaepernick, because he “stands for something.”

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“Ultimately, you want to be a person that stands for something,” said K. Dot in regard to a question about what he hopes his impact will be on future generations. “Whether the plan works or not, I want to be remembered as that. Same thing with Colin Kaepernick.”

“He wants to stand for something,” Lamar continued. “I’m sure they think that he wants to give up. They thinks he wants to give up but he wants to stand for something. Simple as that. You don’t look at the moment, whether it’s gonna work or not. No, you look at what the next generation is gonna receive from it, and if I quit what I’m doing…because I have naysayers…I gotta think beyond the moment. I gotta think further than just me.”

Currently, members of the NFL have been under fire from many people, including Donald Trump, for their choice to kneel during the National Anthem. The grassroots for the peaceful protest began last year, when Kaepernick chose to take a knee during the National Anthem, in solidarity of black people who have fallen victim to police brutality.

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