Kendrick Lamar Points Out The Difference Between Barack Obama And Donald Trump


Kendrick Lamar isn’t one to bite his tongue when it comes to Donald Trump. In a feature with i-D, the DAMN. artist highlighted the difference between former President Barack Obama and Trump and if he could ever respect the latter.

“The key differences [between Obama and Trump] are morals, dignity, principles, common sense,” Lamar said straightforwardly. He then touched upon the sentiment that it’s hard to find empathy for Trump given the race-based backlash that his comments have spewed from Charlottesville, Va., to other parts of the U.S. “How can you follow someone who doesn’t know how to approach someone or speak to them kindly and with compassion and sensitivity?” he questioned.

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Despite Trump’s presidency, Lamar said his election is “building up the fire in me. It builds the fire for me to keep pushing as hard as I want to push.” While Trump’s campaign was underway, Lamar dropped “Alright,” a resounding anthem that served as a therapy session each time something controversial was spewed from both political parties.

“I’d say that’s one of the greatest records because it gave these kids an actual voice and an actual practice to go out there and make a difference,” the 30-year-old told i-D. “They’re going out and they’re walking the walk and talking the talk whether it’s inside their communities, whether it’s inside their juvenile systems. They wanna make change.”

Lamar is currently gearing up for his musical performance at the Voodoo Music and Arts Festival in New Orleans (Oct. 27-29).