Kevin Hart Uses His Cheating Scandal To Promote His New Comedy Tour

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Kevin Hart is trying to turn lemons into lemonade, but some think it’s a bit too soon.

In September, the 38-year-old actor took to Instagram to apologize to his wife and kids for what he referred to as a “poor decision.” TMZ later learned Hart was being extorted by a woman who claimed to have video footage of them doing “sexually suggestive” things, although reports indicates it wasn’t a sex tape.

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Now, just one month later Hart is turning his public blunder into a promotion for his new comedy tour. The self-described comedic rockstar  posted a brief clip of him and several other Kevin Harts on a tour bus on Thursday (Oct. 19) in which a Kevin in a black turtleneck, one in a sunglasses and one driving the bus all refer to his “poor decision.”

Appropriately titled the Irresponsible Tour, Hart wrote the tickets for the first leg of his new venture go on sale in two days and a full length four-minute video will hit the Internet Friday. In 2011, Hart named his comedy tour Laugh At My Pain, so hey, this isn’t anything new.

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