Innocent Man Receives No Compensation After Spending 23 Years In Prison

In 1994, when Lamonte McIntyre was 17 years old he was given to two life sentences for the murder of Doniel Quinn and Donald Ewing. Quinn and Ewing were shot in the head in broad daylight while they sat in a car in a drug-infested Kansas community. Despite McIntyre’s attorney insisting his client was innocent, McIntyre was still found guilty.

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McIntyre’s defense team along with the Midwest Innocence Project worked tirelessly to proved their client wasn’t the one responsible for the deaths of those two men.

This pass Sunday (Oct. 15) McIntyre was released from prison after spending 23 years behind bars. Once forensic officials began looking at the evidence which assisted in his conviction, charges were dropped.  “I wasn’t expecting that,” McIntyre told local station 41 Action news . “I figured it was coming soon because the truth is what the truth is.”

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Unfortunately, despite the wrongful conviction which led to McIntyre being robbed of 23 years, Kansas is just one of 18 states that does not pay out those who were wrongfully sentenced to prison and later exonerated. McIntyre reportedly earned his barber license and is hoping to get certified.

Upon his release he said he enjoyed his first day of freedom with his family.