Las Vegas Gunman’s Brother Debunks Theory Of Multiple Shooters At Music Festival

Eric Paddock, the brother of Las Vegas gunman Stephen Paddock, spoke to reporters once again to give insight on conspiracy theories floating around the web.

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CBS News reports Paddock rambled for quite some time Tuesday (Oct. 3) as he gave layered responses to reporters about his mysterious brother. The gunman died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound Sunday (Oct. 1) after he opened fire on attendees of the Route 91 Harvest Festival from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Hotel. The shooting left 59 dead and 527 others injured.

Witness accounts claimed multiple shooters fired rounds towards the country music fans, with conspiracy theorists quickly hopping on. While it was revealed that the gunman used automatic rifles with bump stocks to fire multiple rounds at once, it hasn’t done much to silence the theory.

Speaking about his brother, Paddock assured reporters that Stephen’s attack was a one-man crime.

“Of course Steve did this by himself,” he said. “He was highly intelligent and he could do anything he wanted to do. He gambled for 20+ years. He did it mathematically. He did cause it was a way to have a fun life. That may have changed. The hotels did that. Here’s the clue for the day.”

He also spoke highly of his brother’s gambling career after it was reported he wired girlfriend Marilou Danley $100,000. “Whoo $100,000 we’re wealthy people, it’s not that much money when you’re gambling,” he said. “I’m sorry if that offends people. I guess everyone thinks that everyone works at Taco Bell. If you’re going to condemn Steve for being a high stakes gambler, the casinos are going to have a problem with you. If these hotel say they don’t know Steve, they’re lying.”

Danley was met by FBI agents Tuesday when she returned to the states from the Philippines. “They’ve been to the Philippines multiple times. He’s loved Mary Lou. Even if they broke up, he wouldn’t have told me,” he added.

Information on Stephen Paddock in the internet space essentially doesn’t exist, Eric told reporters. “He was a private guy. That’s why you can’t find out anything about him. Is he a weirdo for not having a Facebook and posting 50,000 pictures of himself everyday?”

If anything, Eric’s interview raised more questions than answers about the domestic terrorist.

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