LeBron James Ponders If He’ll Ever Run For President, Discusses Racism With ‘GQ’


Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson isn’t the only public figure that has mulled launching a presidential campaign. In a GQ cover story, LeBron James briefly pondered the possibility but quickly shot it down on the premise of his need for practicing self-care.

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“I say no because of always having to be on someone else’s time. From the outside looking in, it seems like the president always has to be there – gotta be there. You really don’t have much ‘me time.’ I enjoy my ‘me time,'” the three-time NBA champion said. “The positive that I see from being the president… Well, not with the president we have right now, because there’s no positive with him, but the positive that I’ve seen is being able to inspire. Your word has command to it. If you’re speaking with a knowledgeable, caring, loving, passionate voice, then you can give the people of America and all over the world hope.”

In tandem with being a pro-athlete, the Akron, Ohio native believes he was put on this earth for another “higher cause” instead of joining the political circle. “We have people, not only today but over the course of time, that have been in the higher positions that chose to do it and chose not to do it,” he said.

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The father-of-three also discussed his Brentwood, Calif., house being vandalized and brandished with the N-word earlier this year. “And that sh*t puts it all back into perspective,” he said. “So do I use my energy toward that? Or do I now shed a light on how I can use this negative to turn into a positive because so many people are looking for what I’m going to say.”

He said the incident prompted a serious conversation with his children. “When y’all go out in public and y’all start driving or y’all start moving around, be respectful to cops, as much as you can,” he revealed. “When you get pulled over, call your mom or dad, put it on speakerphone, and put your phone underneath the seat. But be respectful the whole time.”

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The NBA season officially kicks off today (Oct. 17), with the Boston Celtics against the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Houston Rockets against the Golden State Warriors.