Hip-Hop Loves Red Bottoms, But Christian Louboutin Is “Not A Big Rap Person”

In popular culture, namely hip-hop, “red bottoms” are to bodacious women what Timberlands are to rugged men. It goes without saying, then, the name Christian Louboutin and his crimson soles have been lyrical markers of luxury and sex appeal in many rap songs, with Cardi B being the latest advocate.

“Said little b***h, you can’t f**k with me if you wanted to/ these expensive, these is red bottoms these is bloody shoes/ hit the store, I can get ‘em both/ I don’t wanna choose,” announces the former stripper in her epic arrival, “Bodak Yellow.”

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Née Belcalis Almanzar, Cardi recently secured her place in music history with “Bodak Yellow” when she topped Billboard Hot 100, making her the first solo female act in 19 years to achieve such a feat. Lauryn Hill was the first woman MC to top the charts with her 1998 debut solo entry, “Doo Wop (That Thing).”

The New York Times earlier this week asked Louboutin about his thoughts on recording artists touting his shoes as haute couture, admitting the likes of Cardi are his original muses.

“The first shoes I ever designed were for showgirls, people on stage,” he recalled. “Showgirls have a kind of attitude — they’re driving forces.”

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The French designer had this to say about his brainchild taking on this new identity in the rap world: “My job is creating beautiful shoes,” he said. “The rest has became what it became.” Which sort of hinted at Louboutin’s taste in music.

While artists like Rick Ross, Kanye West, Future, Drake, and even Jennifer Lopez have been putting on for “red bottoms” for as long as we can remember, Louboutin isn’t quite as enthused about hip-hop as we are about his fancy footwear.

“I’m not a big rap person,” he admitted to the NYT, citing classical and Latin music more his beat.