Man Arrested For Helping Girlfriend Commit Suicide After Alleging She Had Cancer


A 41-year-old man was arrested for assisted suicide in the death of his 38 year old girlfriend. According to reports, the woman said she would rather die in his arms than live with stage-four cancer, yet an autopsy revealed there were no cancerous tumors in her body.

Matthew Stubbendieck took police to the woods where Alicia Wilemon-Sullivan slit her wrists. Wilemon-Sullivan told Stubbendieck more than a year ago the cancer had spread to her lymph nodes, stomach, neck and armpits. Stubbendieck told law enforcement he never accompanied his girlfriend to the hospital and assumed she received treatment when she went to the emergency room after being diagnosed.

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According to The New York Daily News, In July, Wilemon-Sullivan left her three children back in Florida and flew to Nebraska to be with Stubbendieck. They walked to Acapulco Lake where they stayed for hours as she tried to kill herself. Stubbendieck admitted to trying to suffocate her but says he stopped because he saw her suffering.

At 9:30PM he left and when he came back she was dead. Doctors say the wounds she had were self-inflicted. An investigation shows Wilemon-Sullivan had morphine in her system and while there was nothing that could prove she had cancer, but that doesn’t mean she’s cancer free.

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Stubbendieck said he promised her he wouldn’t tell her family for five or six months, but reportedly called authorities three days later. Wilemon-Sullivan’s family wants authorities to prosecute Stubbendieck “to the fullest extent allowable under Nebraska law.”