N.W.A. Forever: MC Ren Making New Tunes With Ice Cube, DJ Premier

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MC Ren detailed in a new interview that the legacy of his group N.W.A. can be found in his upcoming new music, which features DJ Premier and former group mate, Ice Cube.

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“The last thing I did, I did something with [E-A-] Ski,” he explained in a recent video interview. “It’s a song called ‘Fear’ [that] me and Cube is on, that’ll be dropping soon.”

Ren also detailed that he wanted a DJ Premier beat to set him apart from other cats in the industry.

“I talked to Premier and me and him supposed to be cooking up something,” he continued. “I remember Premier said, ‘Do you want me to do a West Coast beat?’ I was like, ‘Man, I want a Premier beat. I don’t want no regular sounding West Coast beat, I want a Premier beat.’

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Check out the interview below.