It Looks Like Mona Scott Has First Dibs On The Cardi B And Offset Reality Show


If you’re a hater, then Cardi B’s glow up has been the salt in your wounds and quite frankly no one cares about your wounds because you’re a hater and hater’s never prosper, so go somewhere and die. However, if you’re someone with love in your heart, well then Cardi B’s glow up has been the necessary happiness in what many think has been a tumultuous 2017. On Friday, (Oct. 27) after just a few months of dating, Offset popped the question during Power 99’s Powerhouse in Philadelphia, and after her screams, cheers and tears, Cardi B said yes.

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It seems as if love is in the air for hip-hop as many are still on a high from mom and dad’s all white nuptials (by mom and dad we mean Gucci and Keyshia) Many took to Twitter to congratulate Cardi B and Offset, and one user even surmised what should be the name of their TV special.

While the comment was made in jest, celebrity TV weddings are indeed a thing and depending on who you work with many, many bags can be secured. BET is well aware Offset’s and Cardi B’s wedding ceremony will be great entertainment, and have offered to be a platform for their TV special if the couple decides to go in that direction.

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Never one to leave to a coin, Love & Hip-Hop creator Mona Scott swiftly intercepted BET.

There’s no word on whether Offset and Cardi B will put their wedding on TV, or if the couple has even set a date, but if they do, we’ll be watching.