The Internet Seems To Believe A N.E.R.D. And Rihanna Collaboration Is Coming Soon

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After mysterious posters began popping up earlier this month, a number of fans speculated that the N.E.R.D, the Pharrell Williams-led hip-hop group, was making a comeback to the music scene with a new project. Although it hasn’t been confirmed, speculation concerning the group’s resurgence has been building more momentum. Now, a lot of fans suspect that a collaboration with them and Rihanna is dropping tomorrow.

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Rumors of a N.E.R.D. and Rihanna track started when Pharrell encouraged people to tune into Beats 1 on Wednesday (Nov. 1) for a special surprise. “Turn on @beats1 tomorrow at 9a PT / noon ET,” Pharell tweeted. Zane Lowe also tweeted the announcement with a blurry image.

While both announcements leaving a lot to the imagination, fans started to believe the blurry photo actually depicts Rihanna. So with very little to go on, fans hit Twitter with their predictions. “Omg… The rumors actually might be true! Rihanna x N.E.R.D. might be happening,” one person said.

As mentioned, the Twitter conversation comes shortly after posters were spotted in various cities and on social media. Furthermore, there is website, branding the phrase, “No_One Ever Really Dies,” which is what the group’s acronym stands for.

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Pharrell first confirmed N.E.R.D. was working on a new project in 2015 during a live recording of the Beast 1 show, OTHERTone at  ComplexCon. While there has been little talk since then, the group recently signed on to perform at the 2017 ComplexCon this weekend (Nov. 4-5).

So we’ll just have to keep our eyes and ears open for tomorrow.


Listen to N.E.R.D’s new single “Lemon” featuring Rihanna below.

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