Premiere: Enjoy The Vibrations Of Something Real With Moxiie’s “Complicated”


Implicit biases often lead to an unwavering pattern of stagnant noise, but singer-songwriter Moxiie is hoping to break the status quo with her brooding single, “Complicated.”

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Rich in warms 808s and clever metaphors, (“Violence as American as apple pie/ I’ve been grinding so hard I just want my slice,”) the Brooklyn native lets loose her true self, allowing her to dream out loud. Her voice brings a comfort R&B-fanatics will appreciate and an attitude that screams black girl magic.

“My whole life, I’ve never quite fit into any box.” Moxiie tells VIBE of the single’s inspiration. “I feel like I’ve been chased by what others think I am or should be, and with this song I’m accepting that I can’t control that. The only thing I have control over is me and my music. It’s empowering to release that outer-pressure. The space between who I am and what’s expected is just “complicated.”

The song’s teaser above pulls from Moxiie’s futuristic interests while keeping listeners akin to the beat.

The single carries production by Swish Allnet, who also drops a verse on the track. Her previous work, such as the single “FVRS,” was a fave among the alternative R&B space. It also helped the singer to put together her upcoming EP, Words For Feelings. 

Key production on the project includes Fredrik “Fredro” Ödesjö (Alessia Cara), Reo (Lil’ Wayne, Beyoncé), and APSPDR+ (SZA).

Learn more about Moxiie’s journey through social posts like these, and “Complicated” in full, below.

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