Premiere: Passport Rav And Dre Skuffs Explain Our Pain In “Every Time”

New Jersey guys Passport Rav and Dre Skuffs connect to provide a vision for those that can’t see how social injustice impacts African Americans and those that are oppressed in America. With their family roots planted in Jamaican soil, the fellas bring that soul force of hurt, absence of hope and struggle of the deprived to music that haunts as well as heals. Hear the lines delivered with fervor and passion over echoing snares sculpted by Virginia producer Lace434.

The duo joined talents and shaped their upcoming project, The Foreigners EP, while on tour in London recently, with “Every Time” as the first single. Using experiences from abroad, traveling as black men in the world, will no doubt influence the rebel words that the two will showcase¬†for insight on the militant mindstate. Give it a listen and feel the message.