Quincey White Reports Live From “Los Scandalous Times”

It looks like the West Coast has birthed another potent MC who has the potential to really be a problem in this rap game. Meet Quincey White, the burgeoning rapper whose pen is adept at scribing vivid stories about his eventful and harsh life, beautiful women or just flat out rhymes.

On his new track “Los Scandalous Times,”, a fast-paced foray into the shadows of back-alleys, Q spits hard lyrics about the streets that raised him — and taught him how to hustle.

“Eventually we rose, like roses out the concrete/All this work we been putting lately need a timesheet/I’m penny pinching/Keep that Bentley until I’m paid in full/Raging Bull, Jimmy Butler that’s for any sucker/I see the Feds when I’m strolling down my timeline/A FBI van circling my block searching for some Wi-Fi,” raps White.

Quincey White’s EP The 7 is set to drop on Oct. 13 via OverDeliver Ent/Empire, and is available for pre-order now. 

Listen to “Los Scandalous Times” above.