Rahmaan Spirals Between The Feels & What’s Real For New Single, “On Me”

The romanticization of toxic pairings is nothing new. American Bangladeshi artist Rahmaan finds a way to navigate through the notion with “On Me,” an alluring jam with painfully honest lyrics on the ups and devastating downs of a twisted love.

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Produced by ROMderful (Naji, GoldLink, and Masego) of Soulection, the 20-year-old plays both the hero and the villain while looking back on a faded relationship. Rahmaan tells VIBE the song was penned with his former lover in mind and how he managed to find himself again.

“My thoughts within this song shift from fake egocentrism to tackling what’s really going on with my self-esteem, due to the damaging nature of my past relationship,” he said. “This piece is extremely personal to me, and my hope is that it captivates listeners to break free of their romantic darkness and learn to find peace within themselves.”


“If you ever wanna go and waste your time, hope you waste it on me,” he sings on the chorus. “And when it don’t work with ya new guy, hope you’ll blame it on me.” Using his appreciation for R&B’s new wave as well as Bengali influences, Rahmaan is hoping to create an identity all his own.

The single stems from his upcoming project Gracious. Check out “On Me” below.

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