Shaquille O’Neal & ShaqIsDope Come After Big Shaq On “Mans Not Hot” Diss Track

The major league Shaqs of the world are not fans of UK rapper Big Shaq aka Michael Dapaah. After his Fire In The Booth freestyle went viral a few months back, social media addicts made dat ting go BOOM — and helped Dapaah ascend from a rising rapper to an international Internet sensation. Now the OG Shaq is firing back with his own “Mans Not Hot” diss track.

“Keep in mind, there’s only one Big Shaq, it is I,” raps O’Neal. “The originator, the dominator, the creator/Don’t you ever call your name Big Shaq.”

O’Neal recruited Toronto native ShaqIsDope to emphasize the amount of disdain they have for the viral record while rapping over the infectious beat produced by GottiOnEm & Mazza. After ranking on Dapaah’s gibberish-filled bars, ShaqIsDope tells Big Shaq that they will never get along and then plugs his upcoming mixtape.

“Me and you could never get along/Please never make another song,” raps ShaqIsDope. “And if you do then it’s really on/I’m in the stu’, I got the tape dropping.”

Listen to the OG Shaq and ShaqIsDope go skrrrahh, pap, pap on Big Shaq below.