Even ‘The Simpsons’ Showed More Sympathy For Puerto Rico Than Trump

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In the absence of leadership in the White House, influencers, celebs and organizations within pop culture are stepping up to donate and lend to aid the victims of Hurricane Maria—by any means necessary. The latest to appeal for support, was legendary animated series, The Simpsons with a specialized cartoon.

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The new illustration features all of your favorite characters, including Homer, Marge, Lisa and Bart. But instead of a comedic tone, the animation seems more somber as the characters circle around the Puerto Rican flag. Marge is also holding up a “Unido” (or “united”) sign as Lisa sheds a tear in front.

In addition to the powerful imagery, the cartoon directs viewers to UNICEF, Save the Children and One Appeal organizations for hurricane relief efforts. “How you can help… #TheSimpsons,” the caption on  Twitter reads.

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While even The Simpsons have gotten involved in bringing awareness to the devastation in Puerto Rico, Trump has been busy bragging about his administration’s efforts and dismissing people’s pain. During his recent visit, Trump even stated that Puerto Rico didn’t experience a “real catastrophe”when comparing its casualty rate to that in New Orleans after 2005’s Hurricane Katrina.