T.I Still Thinks Citizens Should Be Able To Own Assault Riffles


While America still grapples with the tragedy and carnage from the Las Vegas shooting, which left 50 dead and countless injured, the debate over gun control is once again at the forefront.

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TMZ caught up with T.I. as he was leaving Catch restaurant in L.A and inquired if the Vegas shooting, which occurred at a country music festival will affect how he does shows, to which the Us or Else rapper adamantly said no. However, when asked if he thinks should gun laws should be reformed so that Americans cannot own assault riffles, Tip boldly defended the Second Amendment.

“I mean, to me man, as long as long as criminals have ‘em, citizens should be able to have ‘em.” Tip said while entering the back of a black sedan. Tip did say that he does think some sort of screening needs to happen prior to the purchase of the riffle.

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“I do think there should be some mental evaluations, the same for people who are running for president by the way.” In 2009, T.I. was sentenced to 366 days in prison and ordered to pay $100,300 fine for trying to illegally purchase assault rifles and silencers the year before.


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