Trick Daddy Calls Out Fake Gangster Rappers For Wearing Skinny Jeans


Trick Daddy has a bone to pick with this new generation of gangster rappers, and it has nothing to do with the actual music. Instead, the Miami native takes aim at “fake” gangster rappers for rocking skinny jeans. During his latest interview with DJ Vlad, Trick Daddy explains his logic.

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“There’s so many fake gangsters these days,” he said. “Back in the day, you had to look your part… if you were a conscious rapper, we knew you was a militant brother, you had your shirt tucked in, you had the clean face, the clean shave or the bald head or the kufi on. If you was a gangster brother, a gangster rapper, then we knew you had to have on the Cowboys hat, the Dickies, or the Stater jacket to represent your city.”

Despite how it used to be in the “good ole days,” Trick Daddy suggests everyone is posing. “Now, we got these gangster rappers wearing skinny jeans and fingernail polish and lipstick and this shit crazy, man.”

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While Trick Daddy may be speaking for his generation, there are quite a lot of rappers from the new school who may disagree with his fashion taste. Rappers like Young Thug, Future, and A$AP Rocky, have notably rocked the skinny jeans statement on the red carpet and at their shows. Thugger in particular, has been consistently mocked for his style choices and mixing of gender norms.

Nevertheless, artists like him clearly represent a new era in which gender barriers are increasingly becoming a thing of the past and particular clothing is not a representation of musical genre.

Check out Trick Daddy’s full interview above.

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