Donald Trump Mocks Puerto Rican Accent During Hispanic Heritage Month Speech

Following a grossly pompous visit to the hurricane-ravaged island of Puerto Rico, Donald Trump used an exaggerated “Spanish” accent during a speech meant to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month at the White House on Friday (Oct. 6).

POTUS was in the middle of discussing Puerto Rico’s humanitarian crisis following Hurricane Maria when he all of sudden began to over-pronounce the island’s name. “We are also praying for the people of Puerto Rico,” said Trump, putting poor emphasis on the first two syllables of the word “Puerto.”

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“We love Puerto Rico,” he added, before returning to his normal, yet annoying breathy voice to say, “We also love Puerto Rico.”

Not funny.

Needless to say, 45’s tasteless gag didn’t sit well with the online community, which immediately went to work on calling out the business tycoon for his insensitivity and condescending behavior.

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