Apparently, Trump Wanted To Throw Cans Of Chicken At Hurricane Victims

Expectations were high for President Donald Trump and his visit to Puerto Rico this week, with hopes that the 71-year-old would show come kind of sympathy for the victims of Hurricane Irma and Maria. Unfortunately, things proved to be worse than what was seen on TV.

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Several first-hand accounts from the ground tell a different perspective than the administration, which claimed Trump’s Tuesday trip (Oct. 4) was a success. Reporters from CNN and The Washington Post shared how the infamous paper towel moment very well could’ve been canned goods instead.

Speaking from the Cavalry Chapel, a church in the lavish area of San Juan, Trump was intrigued by canned chicken and was interested in tossing them into the crowd of Hurricane victims. “Whoa! I’ve never seen that before. That looks kind of good,” he said. “Let’s start handing it out. Do you feel like this?”

Trump was already on a ego trip after the victims were thankful for the paper towels and batteries. When he expressed interested in tossing the cans, a member from his camp “gently told him no.”

That wasn’t the only troubling aspect of his 4-hour trip. Residents were disappointed that Trump visited the area of Guaynabo since it didn’t face nearly as much damage as its surrounding neighborhoods. They were also puzzled as to why he didn’t visit the shelters where victims were greatly suffering from starvation and effects of drinking dirty water.

Meanwhile, celebrities are proving to be a saving grace for Puerto Ricans. Former reality star Bethany Frankel sent four jets filled with goods to the island, while Puerto Rican entertainers like Jennifer Lopez, Fat Joe and Daddy Yankee have raised millions for relief efforts.

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