Tyrese Flew A Banner Over Daughter’s School Amid Child Abuse Allegations

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“Subtle” may not be a word in Tyrese’s lexicon, as demonstrated by the pilot he allegedly hired to fly a banner over his daughter’s school on Monday (Oct. 23).

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According to TMZ, the banner, which flew over Tyrese’s 10-year-old’s elementary school in the valley, read, “No matter what, daddy loves you, Shayla.” Tyrese’s ex-wife, Norma Gibson, believes he was responsible for the whole setup, which, according Gibson’s attorney Aleen Laura Khanjian, also included gifts, balloons, a fruit basket, a teddy bear and with a card addressed to Shayla’s school, from Dad.

Norma accused the 38-year-old singer-actor of spanking their daughter and has a temporary restraining order against him. The court order reportedly prohibits Tyrese from any direct or indirect contact with Shayla and Norma. Khanjian says the gesture can be considered witness intimidation.

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Sources close to Tyrese say he does not believe he was in violation of the restraining order because he did not have any physical contact with his daughter.