Waka Flocka Doubles Down His Comments About Not Being Black

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Waka Flocka has been known to ruffle a couple feathers with his controversial comments about political and social issues. And most recently, he caused quite the stir when he stated on “Sway in the Morning” that he was not a black man. Despite the social media backlash however, the rapper is sticking by his claims.

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“Man, I be seeing y’all going crazy over the s**t I was saying on Sway,” he started. “Niggas be like, ‘Yo, Waka said he not black.’ You right. I’m not the black America call me,” he stated in a video message on Instagram. “It’s just hard for a n***a to be from the slums, the ghetto, the hood whatever niggas want to say we from. And you become this celebrity, you get to walk around the world. You get to travel around the world. You get to touch the people and you get to find out the truth.”

In addition to his video, Waka wrote a lengthy caption asking people not to judge him before doing their research. “I stand on my words IM NOT BLACK. I told y’all from the beginning of my rap career,” he wrote. “I’m not rapping to be the best. I rap to be the realist that EVER did it. We all slaves it’s just my community was tortured.”

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As previously reported, Waka Flocka claimed that he is not black because his ancestors are not of African descent. “My folks is not from Africa. A lot of people in this room’s folks ain’t from Africa,” he stated on the morning show. “I asked my grandma, ‘Yo grandma, what’s your background?’ She said ‘Redfoot and Blacktail Indian.’ I said, ‘What?’ She said, ‘Yeah. My mother and my father, we 100 percent Indians.’ I asked my other grandmother, and we got Cherokee in us, and European and Italian. A little Dominican.”

Check out Waka’s newest comments in the video below.