Wasiu Tackles Stereotypes And Racism On “Angry Black Man”


Negative stereotypes of blacks is one of many tools used to attack the moral character of African Americans. Montreal, Canada native Wasiu mocked a few misconceptions of blacks on his intruding new song, “Angry Black Man.”

Over aggressive production from High Klassified, the budding MC vents his frustrations with the racism that’s been invading our country since it’s inception. Wasiu also touches on the current NFL protests, the water crisis in Flint, Michigan, and speaks out against those who are mum about racism.

“Angry Black Man/What you mad about?/You free, nigga, better be glad ya out/Gave the chains and the whips and the massa’s house/And now you won’t play your role? Niggas acting out/They violent culture, loud, and might/WorldStar niggas ’bout to fight/So much built-in anger, I might fuck a white bitch out of spite,” raps Wasiu.

Wasiu spoke with Noisey last week about his new song.

“As a black man in North America, I constantly have to deal with fighting stereotypes,”Wasiu says to Noisey.  “Amongst them is the “angry black man’ one. As a kid I often found myself suppressing my feelings for fear of being labeled as such. But growing up I realized that I had every right to not only be mad but express my anger. That’s exactly what this record is. An explosion of repressed aggression and expression. It’s my response to that motherfucka in high school who said ‘Why are you so mad, slavery and racism is over you’re just being lazy.’

listen to “Angry Black Man” above.