Watch: Virginia’s Blind Rapper Kari Wam Put His Pain “In The Past”



Real talk, I get tons of music sent to me. I fight with who should get my immediate attention and try to go by a first come, first serve dopeness quality. This right here is one of those I had sitting in my email box for a minute. So much so that the plug, my man Starmax, was wondering if I was mad at him or something. But no way…these days of checking hotness takes a bit sometimes. Experiencing the anger turned to pep talk intro to the video above by Virginia’s Kari Wam got me in the heart. I can’t imagine being hit with the news that my sight is gone from a shooting attempt on my life, just a year ago last November. Kari’s music is what you would hear style wise from many that produce work with the Migos’ flow, which feels like a trap sound, but his added pain from his current situation gives a saddness to the madness he is going through on “In The Past”. “It sounds like music, but it’s more than just music. It’s a science behind the music,” says Kari. “It’s genuine. It’s my emotions. That’s why it catches you when you hear it.”

The 24-year old born and raised in Petersburg, VA., dropped his debut mixtape three years ago titled Plugged In. He was selling the 900 copies he burned himself for three bucks each. The grind was born. From there he was on the prowl to become the rapper that he dreamed about so much as a youngster…then the unfortunate happened on his road to riches. Coming out of the fog of the situation was the plight he was stuck with, yet he pressed on and started to create again. “When I first got shot, I suffered from depression, but the song was a message that I was sending to my fans and my family that I ain’t gotta go around moping because I can’t see,” he states. “I got all my body parts, so I can still chase a check. I’m not regular, and I accept that. Somebody else would’ve folded in this situation but not me. My mind is working, so I can’t stop. I got to keep going.”

Follow is movement and be inspired by his story and music. Let us know your thoughts on his journey…check the time before the incident below, with Kari’s “Tribulations” video from 2015.