Woman Reportedly Warned Festival Goers Of Mass Shooting Before It Happened


As the investigation into the mass shooting at country-music festival in Las Vegas continues, pertinent information from festival goers have come to light.

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NBC’s Las Vegas affiliate KSNV spoke to Brianna Hendricks who attended the final day of the Route 91 Festival Sunday (Oct. 1) for her 21st birthday. Hendricks said she was standing next to a woman who was being heckled by another woman that said everyone at the festival was going die.

“There was a lady who pushed her way forward into the concert venue and into the first row, and she started messing with another lady, and told us that we were all going to die tonight,” Hendricks said. “It was about 45 minutes before the shots were actually fired, but then she was escorted out by security.”

MSN News reports Hendricks left the venue with her mother before gunman Stephen Paddock, opened fire. Looking back, Hendricks said she wondered about the woman’s intentions of the supposed warning. She described the woman and her assumed boyfriend as Hispanic.

“Obviously she was telling us that — either to warn us, or to warn us that we were all going to die and she was part of it,” Hendricks said. “Because she had been messing with the lady in front of her and telling her that she was going to die. That we were all going to die. None of us knew that it was going to be serious.”

The death toll has risen to 58 with over 500 people injured.

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